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Saturday, May 27th

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Jason Poole

Jason Poole manages all the editorial and news submissions for Location-Source and provides web administration for both PV Publications and Location-Source websites. He also assists with the editorial and production of GIS Professional, Geomatics World and Engineering Surveying Showcase as well as producing the monthly e-newsletter for PV Publications and the weekly e-newsletter for Location-Source. He has worked at PV Publications for less than a year and holds a BA (Hons) degree in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire.

Sharon Robson

Sharon manages all sales and marketing aspects of Location-Source in addition to the magazines Geomatics World, GIS Professional, Engineering Surveying Showcase, published by PV Publications Ltd, hosts of Location-Source. Sharon has a strong background in sales working for a number of companies selling anything from tyres to finance. Sharon finally settled within the publishing sector about 10 years ago and has worked for PV Publications for around 9 years.