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Friday, May 26th

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One Conference, Two Exciting Locations

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Attendees from over 40 different countries! More than 100 international expert speakers on the Agenda! Have you secured your seat at the most exciting LiDAR event of the year? Only two weeks until RIEGL LiDAR 2015!

RIEGL is extremely excited to be working with our partner hosts, Five Star Electronic Technology and RedChina Geosystems. We have put together an exciting conference focused on terrestrial, airborne, mobile, unmanned and industrial laser scanning applications. Choose to participate in Hong Kong (May 5 - 7), Guangzhou (May 7 - 8) or both locations! The agenda for both Hong Kong and Guangzhou and the main sessions can be found on www.riegllidar.com.


Land and Property Information Database for Scotland Event

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Should Scotland be aspiring to create a world-leading digital hub that provides information about land and property across the country? Should we follow the lead of countries like Norway in moving to a one-stop database with all the necessary data and documents to support those responsible for transacting in property, delivering public services, and making policy decisions that affect land ownership and management?

To read the final agenda for the conference, CLICK HERE

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Is Ordnance Survey becoming a GovCo good or bad for open data?

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In a fascinating article by the Open Data Institute, Ellen Broad examines a range of issues arising from January's announcement that Ordnance Survey is to become a government owned company (GovCo) With no legislation to clear it looks easy for the Government but what about IP in what hitherto has been Crown Copyright? Would OS Ltd still be bound by OPSI for the reuse of public sector data? And what about FOI laws? Read on http://theodi.org/blog/ordnance-survey-govco-open-data

MapMyRights breaks relationship with former partners

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Robin McLaren, founder of MapMyRights, has announced that he has severed all relationships with former partners, who he says "have turned out to be the wrong partners for the future" of the crowd-sourced land rights initiative.
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How can Public Data Group data be made more accessible and useful?

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The Public Data Group (PDG) brings together four public sector bodies - Companies House, Land Registry, Met Office and Ordnance Survey - that collect, refine, manage and distribute data on the nation’s companies, property, weather and geography.

The Public Data Group’s data is made available through a variety of channels and licenses and includes both commercial agreements and the provision of Open Data. The value of the data that is charged for is vast – with Ordnance Survey data widely used in the insurance sector, and the billions of pounds saved by the use of Met Office data in the aviation industry as just two examples. Equally, the value of the Open Data released by the Public Data Group is very significant and growing. The most recent estimate placed the value of Open Data released by PDG at over £900m annually.